Greetings dear reader and welcome to Wordplay Wednesday. In this segment, I will attempt to throw together an original poem of my own composition. Before I begin, I would like to give a disclaimer. I am not Shakespeare nor am I a Shakespeare wannabe. This is me doing my own thing, so go on and enjoy this lyrical miracle.


W-elcome to the playground
It’s a pleasure to have you around.
In this, my mind palace of cloud
Where original ideas and thoughts abound
Let’s go and make a round.


O-n occasion
I do a transition
Into a position
Of lyrical possession
And initiate seduction
With grammatical assertion.


R-egularly I may seem reserved
But change can be observed
When the atmosphere is disturbed.
At such times, character is revamped
And unknown traits unearthed.


D-oing becomes priority
While thinking fades into obscurity.
I move for me, not charity
As my needs take centrality.


P-eople look and wonder
As they are left to ponder
“What goes on in the land yonder
Where his mind drifts off to wonder?”


L-ots goes on in there
That much I can share.
With all the ideas going bump in there
Sometimes it feels that if they dare,
They could spill and scatter everywhere.


A-ll this may be shocking I know
It just depends on how well you grow
To adapt to what I’ll show
As we ride the dhow
Of my mental river flow.


Y-ou may wonder and say
“That’s not you, there’s just no way.”
Well, you are right that much I can say.
For in truth at the end of the day
It’s just, Wordplay.


I do hope you enjoyed the poem. Leave your comments down below as I would like to hear from you.
As we pass the half way point of the week, I would like to let you know that there will be one more segment titled Forthright Friday (Still working on a name and open to suggestions). It’s basically intended to help you end your week on a high note.
See you then.

K.O. Out.