Our World Today

Hear me now, hear me well,
Give a shout, ring the bell.
I have a tale I wish to tell
About this world that’s going to hell
As we sit back saying all is well.


We deceive ourselves with facts
Made up of lies and pacts.
These are nothing more than acts
That liken us to end products
Of human digestive tracts.


We call ourselves civilized
And brag of being industrialized.
Yet allow some to be ostracized
For not upholding the norms idealized
By the powers that are centralized.


We stand tall and proclaim
The far we’ve come with acclaim.
This I oppose and strongly declaim.
As we are quick to mercilessly maim
Our brothers on a simple misclaim.


Our world today is messed up.
So much tension is dialed up.
We see injustice and hold up,
To pull out phones and snap it up.
Then proceed to chat it up.


Yes, this is our world friends.
Where a gorilla’s life and death trends
While a human being’s just ends.
Where people swoon when Kim K bends
But ignore the rights of those they offend.


A world where violence
Is a necessary consequence
To “get ahead” and commence.
Living life devoid of conscience,
And trying to justify our existence.


Things are bad that much is true
But I shall not sit here and be blue.
I will stand up and you should too.
I will change this gloomy hue
Of our world today with or without you.



Kevin Omyonga