P.O.L.I.C.E Insanity

P-eople often shudder
When they see a copper
A trait that made me wonder
But now I have the answer.


O-ur protectors have turned
Into the very crooks detained
And more often than not jailed
For the numerous times they’ve sinned.


L-ike moral flip floppers
These corrupted coppers
Now seek to harass workers
Like unsanctioned debt collectors.


I-t seems they’ve gone mad
And that’s just sad.
For if the protectors go bad
Then there’s no peace to be had.


C-orruption will be the end of us
For each day is just scandalous.
The coppers now are frivolous
With the lives of the populous.


E-very thief has their day
And coppers as you spend each day
Flashing “fire sticks” to get your way,
Your comeuppance nears and I await that day.



Kevin Omyonga