I Came Here To Lift

I walk in fresh and powered up
I think it’s time to level up
Grab the weights and take them up
From the rack and line them up.


Heave ho
Here we go
I came here to feel the flow
And to make my muscles grow


I feel the burn right to the bone
As I move into the zone
Stand back this man is gone
You can tell just by his tone.


One, two, more and more
I lift and lift without a bore
The newbies stare, shocked to the core
Like they’ve just seen blood and gore.


They can stare man it’s no crime
Just remember when it’s time
Talking big ain’t worth a dime
You have to work to reach your prime.


I do my sets and walk away
Give the newbies time to play
But just stay close and watch the way
They lift and heave the weights away.


Alright newbies move over
Game time is over
And the beast is coming over
To take this bench over.


Watch me make the shift
As I grab more weights to lift.
Watch me widen the rift
Because I came here to lift.



Kevin Omyonga