The Right Time To Upgrade Your Tech

Alright, so here you are with an old gadget and you are wondering to yourself, “Is it time to upgrade this device?”

All your instincts are probably screaming yes!!! But hold on there, wait just a minute. Before you go make it precipitate hard-earned paper (money) in the store, make sure you can give a satisfactory answer to the questions below.


  1. Is the timing right?

You always want to make sure you get the timing right. For instance, you don’t want to upgrade just when your preferred brand is about to unveil their new device. While this will usually drive prices for their previous devices down, it may come with some downsides. The manufacturer can cease supporting certain features of the previous devices in favor of newer features packaged with the new devices. Case in point, Apple Inc. killed the 3.5mm headphone jack on the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus. They said it was an act of “courage” but let’s face it, it’s just a money-making scheme to get you to buy only the headphones certified by them. You may find yourself craving the newer model and hence fail to appreciate the device you get. There is nothing worse than a regrettable investment. You can’t throw it away because you’ve spent good money on it but you don’t want it so you may never utilize it to its full potential. Also, never buy a newer model device as soon as it is available. During release the price is quite high but gradually drops with time. It is advisable to wait at least 6-7 months before making your move but if you have the paper and the patience of a toddler, then by all means make it rain, you will regret it later. Another thing to remember is that newly released devices are prone to bugs or hardware issues (*Cough* Samsung Galaxy Note 7 *Cough*). By waiting, you give the manufacturer time to identify and tend to them. That way, you at least get assurance that you are buying a good device.


  1. Do I need the upgrade?

This is perhaps the most important question. You must be certain that you need the upgrade otherwise you will be sending your money on a one way trip down a sinkhole. Do not just buy for the sake of buying. Ascertain the need and how the upgrade will cater to it. For instance, you want to start a YouTube channel. Don’t go out and immediately buy the latest version of the Red Dragon camera. Start small, use your phone for starters as you try to determine which affordable (keyword AFFORDABLE) camera would suit your needs because there is only so much a smart phone camera can do. As you progress, you may get to the point where having a Red Dragon camera would actually make sense due to you needing the capabilities and functionalities it provides.


  1. Have I benefitted?

I have one rule when it comes to buying tech. I will never or rather will avoid buying new tech unless the one I already have gives me a financial return of at least 2 – 3 times its value. If I spend $1000 on a laptop, I will not buy another until I can generate $2000 – $3000 from the work I do on it. Same thing with my phones. This may seem ridiculous but trust me, it invokes a level of discipline that will help you refrain from making absurd purchases and actually save and earn money for you. Since I am a mobile and web developer this rule puts a good amount of pressure on me to utilize my devices to their full potential. I have to squeeze every ounce of performance out of them. That way, when I do go to the store to get new ones, I can make it precipitate to the max and get good devices. Then the cycle restarts.



When it comes to upgrading your tech, patience is key. Technology is not just a luxury in this day and age. It is a tool that helps us in our day-to-day activities. For this reason, it is important that you think critically about what you buy, when you buy it, how you buy it, why you buy it and from whom you buy it.

If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

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Till next time. Adiós.

K.O. Fuera.