Pushing Limits

I stand here now
With sweat on my brow
I take the time to make a vow
To stand firm and not bow.

A new challenge comes my way
And with it new goals I need to slay
I have to work harder each day
To gain strength and blow them away.

Bearing this burden is not easy
I could just head home and get cozy
But that’s not me I ain’t lazy
Got to struggle cause quitting is lousy.

Have to push my limit
I cannot falter nor submit
After taking the time to commit
Defeat is the one thing I shan’t admit.

A final push
There is no rush
This task before me I will crush
And make my mental doubts to shush!

I feel the power
As I stand tall like a tower
The body aches but I do not cower
I push harder to overpower.

The time has come to do the deed
I raise myself up and finally succeed
Thereby upholding the vow I decreed
I have pushed my limits indeed.

Now I have an answer to the question
Of just how strong is my conviction
I have reached a new level of distinction
It’s time to redirect my attention.


Kevin Omyonga