Hello January

Happy New Year to all and sundry
After the month spent making merry
It is time to face the dreaded January
That moves slow as a ferry.

The holiday was crazy
Even I got a bit lazy
So much happened till I got dizzy
And my plans to blog got hazy.

But I’m back now
Having eaten like a cow
I can’t even take a bow
To welcome you now.

I had a great time
Took part in no crime
But spared no dime
In pursuit of a great time.

Well now here I am
Mad as a ram
Wallet shut tight as a clam
Seeking financial barriers to ram.

I have to step up
Hit the gym and bulk up
Get new threads and suit up
Then face this year straight up.

Hello January
Quite soon you will be a distant memory
But before I let you go and scurry
I’m going to make you legendary.

Kevin Omyonga