Greetings, it has been quite a while since I took up my pen (or keyboard in this case) to write a new post. What was intended to be a week-long hiatus ended up extending far beyond the time expected. Why a hiatus? Well, maintaining a blogging schedule of 3 posts per week was taxing like an endless intellectual workout. For this reason, a vision quest was necessary to align my thoughts and conceive new ideas.

Once the hiatus begun, I also came to the realization that my web hosting provider at the time (*Cough* *Cough* DeepAfrica) was giving me a raw deal. My site would crash up to 100 times a day and this rendered it inaccessible to all visitors. Granted, crashes may occur from time to time but the reason they give made no sense. They claimed that the site was exceeding the allocated bandwidth which was odd seeing as how the highest number of readers ever recorded for the site was 200. Now the question I posed was, if the site can’t sustain hundreds of visitors, what about when it gets thousands? There is nothing worse than someone emailing you claiming the link you sent does not work. In this day and era that is the equivalent of crying wolf.

With the site down and my vision quest taking longer than anticipated, the blog gradually withered and fell into a coma. At least, until now. With a new web hosting provider (KenyaWebExperts) on my side and fresh ideas in my mind, this is set to be Legen…Dary. It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, I hope you have or will grow fond of the tales I wish to tell. And for those joining in for the first time, you are in for a treat.

Welcome to the reborn blog.