Earn My Vote

Here we are together again
Your term’s end draws near
And so you rush to try regain
That seat of power you hold dear

You claim you are for us
Funny, when you won
You forgot all about us
To focus on becoming a don

You have done nothing
To help us face our endless trials
But now you will do anything
To get support to face your “trials”

This economy is in the gutter
With the basics so costly
It slams a shutter
To those who suffer in poverty mostly

We may or may not be of one tribe
But mark my words
You won’t sway me even with a bribe
Or a fancy assortment of sweet words.

It is time to work and earn your post
Grovel before us and state your case
For in the end we will pay the cost
Of electing a useless basket case.

Five years is a long time
You want to spend it at the top?
Earn my vote and don’t steal a dime
And maybe then you can rule nonstop.

Kevin Omyonga