I have an issue
That can’t be erased with a tissue.
Why is it we elect and allow
Liars to rule yet they disavow
All knowledge of us once they attain comforts
Then spend years mooching off our efforts?

Why do we allow a petty degenerate
To constantly instigate
Violence in our society
And breed widespread poverty
When all they really seek to gain
Is a chance to steal and make it rain?

They talk of progress
But are quick to digress
When you follow up
To check what’s up
They are quick to pass the blame
To fellow players in their “game”.

But it is not only them at fault
For I know some who would vault
Over valleys and rivers to support them
To cater to childish requests asked of them
Just to get “one of theirs” in power
Like blind fools building a tower.

It’s funny that though we have democracy
We are never too far from anarchy.
All it takes is a petty trigger
To fan the flames and make them bigger.
Then things abruptly fall apart
And countless innocents get hurt.

We have to take a stand
A fellow man cannot demand
That we take another’s life for no reason
Other than their version of treason.
We are humans not savages
We must not subject the land to ravages.

Kevin Omyonga