Make Kenya Great Again

Hard times have come
Brought on by the greed of some
Who despite preaching positive action
Are the very agents of destruction
Seeking to get their way
And rob all others of their say.

This country is dying
For those at the helm are lying.
Steering to an inevitable doom
That will see us to our tomb.
One would look and think us cursed
But we are victims of our captains’ thirst.

Political demons roam and deceive
With empty promises of things we are to receive
Once their posterior meets the seat of power
But frankly, I would rather take an acid shower
For I know better than to trust
A selfish con artist to do what is just.

Their greed has sired a cancer
And tribalism has been its enhancer.
Now we are divided.
And lifelong friends have collided.
Brother versus brother
And our country descends further.

What is sad is that some call for bloodshed
All because power has gone to their head.
Then incite the masses to go out and fight
For what they claim is right.
While others use their wealth to corrupt
The result, savage societal disrupt.

This must end.
Do you not tire of this trend?
Constant violence and military oppression
With every assembly suspected of transgression
Our once normal and simple existence
Subjected to unjust scrutiny and resistance.

This country needs saving
To give us lives worth having.
It is ours and we must be stern
For we cannot allow it to burn.
Let us all take the Trumplethinskin vow
And make Kenya great again starting now.

Kevin Omyonga