Whispers From Afar

Dear mama,

It has been a while since I last saw you
Days quickly turned to weeks then years
And there is much I have gone through.
I have had to face countless fears
Like scary voices in the dark going boo!
Make me shiver and shed tears.

Nai nai has been very nice
Giving us her time and priceless advice
Thanks to her I rarely cry
And when I do, she always seems to know why
Then makes me a tasty meal
To help me cope with the ordeal.

You have been gone so long
Missing you is now part of my daily routine
I want you here so we can sing a song
As we cook and go about the house to clean.
For at our side is where you belong
Without you, this place is not so serene.

Each an every day I pray
Reciting all you taught me to say
I pray you come back soon
So together we can gaze at the moon
As you tell us stories into the night
And make our home feel just right.

Ten Ping