The New Year

Behold a new year is here
Welcomed with unbridled joy and cheer
As many look to put each resolution
Into gradual motion
Forgetting that with wavering devotion
None shall come to fruition.

The New Year begins
And faces house endless grins
As they foresee numerous wins
Filling up their optimism tins
And vowing to cleanse their skins
Of the previous year’s sins.

The future holds so much
And all one must do
Is reach out and clutch
Desires they wish to see through.
So as to progress and grow
Then reap what they sow.

The gift of time is precious
So one must be ambitious
To use it wisely and not be frivolous,
Spending it on matters deemed ridiculous.
365 days deposited in your bank
Try not to end up in Shawshank.

Trends will be set
Hard workers will sweat
Lines will be crossed
And lives may be lost
But throughout it all
We must strive to rise above all

We must be driven
To seize the opportunities given
And make this year legendary
To be savoured like confectionery.
Now go forth with cheer
And Happy New Year.

Kevin Omyonga