Death To Regret

It is funny how we fret
And often shy away from a threat
Taking flight fast as a jet
In fear of what we may get.

Never willing to try
And just apply some pressure to pry
Our hearts desires lurking nigh
Dooming us to wither and die.

It is said that every action
Spawns an equal and opposite reaction
But what hope is there for transaction
When we resort to inaction.

There is always fear of jest
And that is the true test
That will raise you above the rest
Or banish you to your nest.

In facing our fears we rise
Far above the skies
The cowardice flees or dies
As the eagle within flies.

For nothing is worse than regret
That plagues you like an unpaid debt
From which you have no peace nor can ever forget
The goals set but still unmet.

I took the plunge and made a move
To tell the truth and disprove
The voice within that would disapprove
Of any action I took to improve.

To regret I say thee nay
I will not live my life that way
Hiding away till I am old and gray
That most certainly is not okay.

I often stand firm as I can be
And proudly proclaim there are no men like me
I will live a life free of regret to the highest degree
It has no place here as you can see.

Kevin Omyonga