Letting Go And Moving On

In light of recent events
I take up my pen
To help crack open the vents
And clear my pathway to zen.

For I have experienced pain
And at this point cannot help but wonder
What there is for me to gain
When my world is torn asunder.

Loss after loss
I take the time to build and acquire
But it would seem the divine Boss
Deems me unworthy to obtain my desire.

For why bestow upon me a gift
Only to yank it away without warning
Leaving behind a monumental rift
And a heart plagued with insatiable yearning?

Now the path to peace and serenity
Has been greatly muddied and vandalized
Leaving open and inviting the one to insanity.
Perhaps it holds answers yet to be realized.

It would be easy to consider and embrace
The path of least resistance.
One where any thoughts of disgrace
Could be quelled with demonic arrogance.

There is nothing left to fight for anymore.
All is lost!
This feeling seems destined to last forevermore
And that thought alone hurts the most.

I feel my heart harden.
No longer is it a hospitable garden
As this unbelievably heavy burden
Has got me weak and heavy laden.

It seems there is only one way
To move past this suffering
So I can at least be okay,
Cast out the emotions that I am harboring.

No more smiles or laughs
Stay clear of love
Embrace and improve my crafts
And reject all to do with the One above.

Like a Phoenix I will rise
High above the ashes of failure
As the weak and vulnerable version dies
In the captivity imposed by the emotional jailer.

Never again shall I allow weakness to triumph.
This lesson though painful was necessary
To move on, seek out a new triumph
And obliterate any forthcoming adversary.

Kevin Omyonga