Make The Trek Or Feed A Crow

Pick that hoe
Don’t stub your toe
To work you must go
But that you know

Dare to stop and fail to grow
Then at the harvest you will know
The value of that farm dough
Missed out on for a reluctant sow

On and on, forward you go
Stop or quit and feed a crow
Must be fast and rarely slow
Or the paradise ahead you will forego

Barred by a river’s endless flow?
Build a bridge or boat to row
Time is your ally and your foe
In the end all that matters is what you show

On the journey there will be woe
Not one but many, “I told you so”
Each will land a painful blow
Above the belt and some below

But stand firm and yell tallyho
It is a right of passage to undergo
Though the pain and loss may overflow
This life is your yard and you must mow

Plan each step and where you go
For each choice can quell or sire a foe
Play not just to win but to grow
To repay the fates the life you owe.

Kevin Omyonga