A World Of Rage

In this day and age
It is barely possible to engage
With the world around you
Without turning blue.

One must don a tough exterior
To face the proud and “superior”
To whom crushing their “inferior”
Is misconstrued to make their world prettier.

What use is success
If it is obtained by making a mess,
Abandoning allies in distress
And discarding the morals you possess?

We are surrounded by “short fuses”
Each one looking for excuses to light up and blow
With no foresight to analyze the dangers and bruises
That may affect the innocent when they overflow.

Each day sets a new stage
For “victims” and “perpetrators” to engage
With none willing to come together and elucidate
The issues they have right out of the gate.

Instead they hide behind keyboards
Airing their grievances on bulletin boards
Hurling insults back and forth in hoards
Like metaphorical warriors crossing swords.

Give a man a mask
And he will show you his true self
As he carries out a task
With no one to answer to but himself

We treasure anonymity
But forget that out species thrives in a society
For without one, we can lose our sanity
And be doomed to a life of anxiety.

However, not all humans are worth the air they breathe
There are those whose presence on the battlefield of life
Has you strip your blade of its sheathe
To be ready to face the inevitable strife.

This world of rage
Must be faced with the patience of a sage
For if you let emotions engage,
Don your armor for the endless wars you will wage.

Kevin Omyonga