Hell And Back

It can be hard to stay on track
When you have been to hell and back
Every dark corner harbors a potential attack
Or worse yet, a stab in the back.

There is humility in loss
One day you have it all
Then like an unfavorable coin toss
You say goodbye to your windfall.

This journey called life
Is inundated with strife
Some so blunt a single blow could end your life
Others surgical, cutting fast and deep like a knife

But why this suffering?
Why this inexplicable loss of loved ones?
Legacies in shambles that once stood towering
And idle mouths rumoring and seeking new ones.

Fear of loss is a pathway to the dark side?
Well, I never asked to get on this ride.
All I seek is to place this tribulations aside
But the sisters of fate deem it wise to turn the tide.

With the wisdom gained from the loss
I vow now to have no boss.
My soul is mine, I bear my cross
I am no plaything the gods can toss.

This hell on earth will come to pass
Though in my path it is but glass
That I will break through with fists of brass
And overcome with regal class.

Throw me to the wolves and I will return
No matter how long, the tide will turn
I do not fear the dark, I lead the pack
For I have been to hell and back.

Kevin Omyonga