Show Me

I want to go with your flow
To embrace your natural glow
Baby give me the sunset
This is my chance to embrace whom you truly are
Because the sun it shines in your eyes
And I want the world to know
It is more about the sunrise, it is about you

Show me the real you
That few have knowledge of
The side that you shield from mortal eyes
And let me into your world
So I may fall deep and get lost in your eyes

Show me Artemis,
Show me Zeus,
Baby you do not match.
For you are above them
Everything I would ever wish for
You bring out in me
The thing that I took so long
To struggle so much for something
That was right before my eyes
This is truly a god
Something I missed so bad
But now I am home
Something that is here, finally.
I got it, I won.

Joy Kidera and Kevin Omyonga