Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

I work hard to blast the ceilings
And rise above these mediocre dwellings.
The path ahead is rocky and hard
But I shun weakness and retain my “man-card”.

Failure assaulted me
Sloth seduced me
Lethargy beckoned me
But through it all they could not faze me.

There is much to do
I have but one life
But no redo
So I must face the strife.

I dream big and aim high
There is only do there is no try
I seek the best and crave success
There is no way I will settle for less.

Growth is inevitable
And of great things I am capable
Though the tide may turn
And crash me against the rocky bay
I will rise again and always find a way.

The past has groomed me for success
Though it was difficult that much I confess
These problems I shall not flee but instead address
Till the fates deem me worthy to unequivocally bless.

Though I may come from nothing
I have every intention to make something.
Patience is key there is no rushing
To sire a legacy that can withstand anything.

The destination is known and marked
But the joys of the journey cannot be shirked.
When I am down I will reflect on my winnings
And remember my humble beginnings.

Kevin Omyonga